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Alaska – Lost Lake Hike

Lost Lake hike near Seward, Alaska

It was a gorgeous clear day, what we thought would be perfect for flightseeing. But we were soon reminded that no clouds means wind. And too much wind means no flightseeing! I was bummed, but we regrouped and ended up back at Adventure 60 North for recommendations. They strongly suggested a hike to Lost Lake and now I am forever indebted to them for saving the day. It was a glorious hike.

It was a mild winter (could have fooled us!) and we were told that snowshoes would not be required. We were also told that some of the bears do not go fully under and there may be some lurking around in a daze. We rented bear spray for peace of mind and were reminded that a better safety precaution is to continuously make noise on the trail, so we do not sneak up on any bears. A surprised bear may feel attacked and more likely to charge.

We drove up to the trail head, where there were a few cars parked in the icy lot. There are signs showing the summer trail and winter trail. The first part of the trail was in a wooded area without snow on the ground – only a few patches here and there. It is a steady incline without many views, besides the gorgeous trees and gentle river sounds nearby. The trail was really well maintained.

At a Glance:

  • Rating: 4 Stars, would absolutely do it again
  • Intensity: Hiking gear – check conditions before you head out
  • Duration: 4+ hours, depending on how far you go
  • Cost: Free
  • Location: Seward
  • Restrooms: At trailhead, then nature-pee


  • Incredible views of Resection Bay
  • Great leg workout
  • Friendly puppies on the trail

Recommended for this hike:

  • Hiking shoes/gear
  • Snacks and Water
  • Bear spray

We continued down one hill and up another to where a cabin was located. We reached a clearing, where we truly understood the hype about this trail. Not only are you relatively close to the mountain peaks, you also have a direct view of Resurrection Bay.  The view of Resurrection Bay was blow-your-hair-back incredible.

Since we didn’t have a plan completely in place when we left the hotel that morning, we did not have a lunch packed. Monitoring our hunger vitals and snack supply, we decided to hike back instead of making it all the way to Lost Lake. I had serious snow boots on, with giant tread, which I was very thankful for on the snow covered hills. It was not icy, exactly, but still very slippery. We started see more and more people, when we were closer to the parking lot, so I could imagine the trail being very busy in the summer.

Overall, I am so glad this trail existed. I was overjoyed to have such lovely views and get a little deeper into nature during winter. The wind never died down enough to flightsee that day, but did not affect us one bit on the trail. I hope we can visit again soon to make it all the way to the lake! And if you are in the area, go spend your money at Adventure 60 North - they are good people :). 

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