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Moderately Adventurous Authors: Rebecca and Hanna

Two chicks 🐥🐥

Martini explorers 🍸 

Infrequent flyers ✈️ 

International pedestrians ✨ 

What We Believe In 

We believe in traveling at your own pace, experiencing new environments and activities in new places, and seeing as much of incredible natural world as possible. We go to new countries with the intention of learning and doing as much as possible. All to provide you with mini guides and resources to for your own adventures.

Come here to find:

 – Hikes
 – Outdoor Activities
 – Unique Spa Experiences
 – Tastings: Wine, Tequila, Coffee, etc.
 – Adorable Accommodations
 – Vegan and Vegetarian Eateries
 – Girlfriend Travel Ideas
 – ???
We are glad you’re here :). 

The Origin Story

Once upon a time there was an Intro to Psychology class at UC Berkeley, where there were two above average girls with flowing brown hair and brilliant brown eyes. By “once upon a time”, I mean the fall of 2008 in the Fall Program for Freshmen. And by “above average”, I mean in height. But there was still a lot of hair involved.

Hanna’s Story:

I typically sat on the left side of the room (when facing the front of the class) about halfway through the row… Not too far front, not too far back, not too center, not too periphery — perfectly moderate.  I decided that day that I needed to meet more people. I’m pretty sure I started talking to a nervous looking blond guy first (Andrew). Andrew immediately introduced me to another girl near him, named Rebecca. The three of us shared a general sense of confusion about the class. Rebecca would swipe Andrew and I into the dining hall, which was an enormous highlight for me. Rebecca was a genuine person, who was so nice to everyone she met. So much so that she made me want to be kind-er person. Within a month of meeting, we had decided to dress as boy scouts for Halloween. We had knee-high white striped socks and boy scout uniform tops. Apparently, I was a troop leader! It was raining that night and I don’t remember much, but I know I got home thanks to Rebecca. Rebecca and I were bonded for life.

Rebecca’s Story:

I walked to class with my friend Andrew. I’m pretty sure Hanna introduced herself. I’m also pretty sure she’s was in another one of my classes. At least one other class. I think. We definitely crossed paths a couple times a week. I honestly don’t remember what she said, but I swiped both Andrew and Hanna into the dining hall. Hanna lived at a weird dorm-ish place that provided meals and oatmeal. In no time, I was close enough with Hanna to walk home with a purse of instant oatmeal. The kind with dinosaur eggs. Hanna taught me about Doe Library, how to use Pandora, how to walk in high heels, how to make flirty eyes with boys at Doe Library, and the joys of pineapple fried rice. When we lived together and shared laundry, I would pull multiples of the same item in the size out of the drier and we debate what belonged to who. The lines between Hanna and Rebecca have remained blurred ever since.


Moderately Adventurous Authors: Rebecca and Hanna